Who Else Wants to Say Screw You to Cavities & So Long to Your Dentist?

And What About?

  1. Reversing Osteoporosis Naturally
  2. Undoing Joint & Bone Damage from Arthritis & Injuries without Surgery
  3. Losing Your Appetite and Therefore the Pounds Without Even Trying
  4. Plus a Whole Heck of a Lot More

Introducing the Cavity Crusher and Bone Builder System

Recently I've discovered something that has dramatically improved my bones, nails and teeth.

I've been piecing the Cavity Crusher System together over the last few years during my own research. But in the last three months I've experienced rapid improvement in the strength of my bones and nails.

And my problematic upper back has improved as well.

The only addition to the system was adding in the right quantity of two important nutrients into my diet.

And these are nutrients that virtually all people are deficient in regardless of their diets.

In fact, there is a global conspiracy that has been going on since the 1980's trying to make sure you don't get enough of one of these nutrients. That's because the pharmaceutical companies and the medical system will be losing a LOT of money if more people find out about this.

A long list of diseases including many autoimmune diseases improve dramatically on this system. 

It's also great for clearing up issues with the skin including psoriasis. But only if you're willing to go against what your doctors and mainstream "wisdom" are saying.

And for long term raw foodists this is the answer to stopping all of those cavities and problems with thinning bones.

This literally cracks the code for long-term success on the Raw Food Diet.

Here are Some of the Improvements I've Experienced

I have had a mild scoliosis since my teenage years. And I also realized since college that my back would crack or subluxate or go out of whack very easily.

Going to chiropractors didn't help me much because within a few hours or so my back had gone back into the position it was before the adjustment.

But this has changed dramatically over the last 3 months. My spine holds its position much longer.

And I have much less back pain or discomfort in my mid upper back as a result. In short, I my self-adjustments are less frequent than in the past because of the strengthening of my spine.

In general my back feels completely different. It feels solid as a rock. Like I've been adding a lot of bone thickness to my spine.

Even the bones in my legs feel so much more solid and thick.

Sometimes I used to get minor injuries seemingly like shin splints when I wasn't careful doing my Lightning Speed Exercise. But now when I do them I feel great. No more pain whatsoever when I bend down.

And I know that's the case because my bones have been strengthening dramatically.

I can just feel it and even see it with my inner spiritual vision.

The improvement to my bone thickness and strength has been rapid and dramatic.

I've also seen dramatic improvement in my nails.

They stopped peeling and have become much stronger as well. Now I don't have a problem putting keys on the key chain.

Of course, if you have strong bones and strong nails what else is also going to be strong?

Your teeth of course.

The teeth are part of the bone system as well.

And yes even if you have cavities they can be repaired or filled naturally, just as broken bones can mend. (Though I'm not sure yet if this system will actually help to fill-in or re-mineralize cavities. We'll see what happens over the next 6 months to a year.)

Of course, your dentist doesn't want you to know this verboten information.

Over the years I've met several people who've told me they had cavities fill-in naturally.

Plus I know it's in the dental literature that this is quite possible to do and has happened many times and been scientifically observed.

Yet most dentists are never taught this. And if this information were commonly known it would put 90% of dentists out of business overnight.

There's another very interesting benefit I found when adding these nutrients to my diet.

It actually improved my mood. And I'm in a good mood most of the time anyway. But it was like an extra injection of light and joy into my system.

And there was a completely unexpected benefit as well.

For many people this will be more important than helping with cavities or improving your bone health.

A little over two months into doing this new system I noticed my appetite dropping to birdlike proportions. I had one day recently in which I ate less than 1,900 calories and was completely stuffed.

And realize that I'm six foot three inches tall and quite active and athletic. Several years ago I used to consume anywhere from 3,000 to 3,500 calories per day on average.

As a result not only has my appetite gone down but I've also lost some belly blubber because of a dramatic decrease in caloric intake.

And the great thing was that I wasn't even trying to lose weight.

My stomach just feels smaller. It happened again to me today. Eating my normal second smoothie for breakfast and I was stuffed half way into drinking the smoothie.

I know of another guy who effortlessly melted 25 pounds since he started taking these two nutrients. And there are several other people who've reported a similar loss of appetite when doing this protocol.

Discover the Most Effective Substance to Brush Your Teeth With to Stop Cavities in Their Tracks

In the Cavity Crusher System I also show you what I believe is the best thing to brush your teeth with. And I've found a very inexpensive source for it.

What I reveal is at least 75% cheaper than what other people are paying for the exact same thing but with fancy packaging.

Brush your teeth with this and you'll never want to go back to health food store toothpastes.

This stuff kills the bacteria (which causes the cavities and all gum disease problems) in your mouth incredibly well without coating your teeth. This makes it possible for your teeth to re-mineralize which means to naturally fill-in cavities.

Most toothpastes are made with glycerin and they coat your teeth making it next to impossible for the teeth to re-mineralize themselves.

Combine this way of brushing your teeth with the missing nutrients I've been talking about and we're talking about cavities being relegated to the trash-bin of history.

See below how you can get this life and health-enhancing information in your hands right away. 

  • You are entitled to lifetime updates.
  • The content is delivered via two audios in MP3 format. About an hour and twenty minutes of audio. There may be more information added in as customers ask questions.
  • Written transcripts of the audios.

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